Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sailing Days 3 and 4 and Big changes for Avant-Garde

Sailing days 3 & 4....

So finally day three and day four saw a lot of progress on the engine that we must get fixed so that we can finally be on our way. We finally managed to get the entire first one dissasembled, and put together all the old parts from older motors and it seemed by the end of day three that day four would finally see us depart... NOT SO QUICK

WELL not so quick however Jessica being the smart confident woman she is is still predicting a late evening early morning launch of our little vessel. I unfortunately will be heading Down tomorrow with a friend to take care of some issues concerning the two simultaneous crashes suffered by me and both my cars last weekend when I crashed followed by a friend of mine who was hit as he took my second car a brand new taurus 2011 for me to use. My car of course a brand new cadillac CTS 2011 sports coup V-Series was the only one injured in my accident. So Jessica will head down with KOA and I will meet them at the marina where our little boat will finally have a resting place to call home.

More on that later as I present the before and after Avant-Garde pictures..

Exciting news about Avant-Garde!!!!

There are several exciting important updates with regards to Avant-Garde Home Furnishings

1. Jessica Hale - a financial analyist from Washington State joins the company's secretary of the corporation and as owner and financial partner

Biznik Profile:

2. Avant-Garde's logo was completely rebranded and redesigned from the ground up. It looks completely different and will be our distinguishing feature on everything you Hear, see, and are aware that involves our name. Our letters are more modern, with clean lines and shows only part of our name but enough to know who we are and what we are about. A fantastic logo creation by Edward Saunders.

Logo is pictured above....

3. Our site is becoming much more aware of our environment and our surroundings by giving back to our community. We will be picking 10-12 world charities and donate 2-3 dollars of every sale to that charity in it's particular category. For example we have major categories such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home decor, etc and they are further broken down into subcategories. We will be assigning each of the major categories a charity and all proceeds from that category including all it's sub categories will be donated to the charity belonging to that category.

Sites converted to the new color scheme: and the

We are still in the process of finalizing our charities for this large undertaking which will also see the charities main theme and background images appear throughout their assigned section as the page's background images. Already we have revamped our blogs and assigned them their own designated theme and we have revamped the two main sites and and are currently working on to relaunch that site before the end of the week.

Charities under consideration:

Save the wales
Make a wish foundation
Toys for tots
Save the rain forests

4. We also got new office space located at 811 NE 79th Street, Suite A, Miami, Florida 33138. Stop by anytime to chat, talk, discuss, or simply say hello. Our door is always open..

Come check out the new sites and let me know if you have any preferred charities in your area that are deserving of this great honor and contribution on our part to give back to the world we live in. One charity already chosen is save the wales and I believe make a wish foundation.

We at Avant-Garde are all looking forward to this great leap forward as we in the retail industry give back to the world around us to make it a better place for all of is..

Stay tuned for scheduling and launches of this great new program and concept brought to you by the World of Avant-Garde, everything modern & contemporary for your indoor-outdoor home.

Avant-Garde sites:

Avant-Garde Blogs




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